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:: Sunday, September 19, 2004 ::

TMBG Photo Goodness

As promised! The autographed album cover (click through to a high res version):

The set list:

I love the way Linnell signed the album, so cool. And the set list is great, as well. Yea for TMBG!

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 5:09 PM [+] ::
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:: Saturday, September 18, 2004 ::

No, Really, I'm With the Band

Went to the They Might Be Giants concert... it was amazing! And so many stories to tell!

Before the show they asked Street Team members if they wanted to help by collecting e-mail addys... and they picked me! I was floored! So I got to the show two hours early and asked people if they wanted to be on the TMBG mailing list. All the fans were really really cool and nice, and a lot gave me their addys, yeaaa. In return I got an autographed copy of the They Got Lost rarity collection! I'm going to put a scan of it up, the way Linnell signed his name just rocks. ^_^

Glenn had a hard time parking (poor fella, out there in the rainy Albany night) but got to the show just in time. Yea for good timing!

The opening act was Corn Mo, quite a funny guy. He's a one man accordian act, with a cymbal he could crash with his right foot (the monitor blocked the way, I couldn't see it quite). All his songs seemed to be in one key, which was a bit odd. Good overall, though.

And then... the show! The music was awesome, the band was rocking. Poor Linnell looked like he still had jet lag... either that or caffiene withdrawl. Poor guy. He actually sang two notes out of tune! He never ever ever sings out of tune. Out of tune like, I cringed out of tune. Go fig.

The venue song rocked. Flans sang it with the lyrics held out at arm's length, looking like someone who wasn't wearing their glasses and really needed to read something. -_^ The song's refrain was "no corners for you!". It was the Egg song, after all. ^_^

During Ana Ng Glenn and I did the dance from the video... I'm trying to track down the vid so I can show you guys. It's such a silly dance--the Johns don't have much bodily rhythm, but dancing is such a big part of music videos, you know? So they made up silly dances to throw in their vids. The Ana Ng dance is this vein, and when boiled down to the essentials it involves:

1. Stomping with arms in front, as if holding a large globe
2. Put right arm out
3. Bow twice
4. Jump
5. Bow twice
6. Repeat steps 1-5

Sooo fun! Catching Linnell's eye as I danced was most definately the highlight of my night. Glenn said the way he was looking at us was slightly amazed, like, "How do you guys know that?". The video did come out when we were toddlers, after all. Here's to uber-fans!!! Bwahahaha.

They sang a song from their children's DVD, which will be coming out this winter. It's an alphabetical listing of countries--"Algeria, Belize, Cambodia..." or whatever it was, you get the idea. ^_^ When they got to the end of the alphabet, though, there was a "West Xylophone". An entire generation of kids is going to grow up thinking there's a country called West Xylophone... geography teachers of the future, look out. :P

After the show Glenn grabbed me a set list, the sweetheart. Linnell's, to boot! Once again, once I get to a scanner I'll post it. It's pretty cute, if you ask me. ^_^ After the show I gathered some of the paper confetti and now it's sitting on my desk in a small round glass with my ticket sticking out. A fun momento, ne?

As soon as the show goes up for sale on the website I'm buying it. It rocked so much! I'm still in crazy awe. Just writing about it makes me giddy. ^_^

To those I met at the show, March (like the month!) and the rest--hello! I hope you found your way here! The pics will be up Monday at the latest. Drop me a line or leave me a comment, okay? It was so awesome to meet you guys!

"List girl", signing off. -_^

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 8:49 PM [+] ::
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:: Thursday, September 16, 2004 ::

Whole Lotta News

I love the New York Times! Soo many good stories today, I have to pull a Bubbablue and share. ^_^

Sims 2 is out now, and by all accounts, better than the original. It's tempting... but it also looks like something that could send my grades into the toilet. I already have Puzzle Pirates for that, so why add another distraction? ;)

The amazing folks at The Daily Show, headed by Jon Stewart, have come out with a mock textbook about America, and man, it looks funny. A Daily Show that I won't have to wait until 11 for? Amazing! -_^ Of course, there are gems inside:

"If con is the opposite of pro, then isn't Congress the opposite of progress?"


The world of politics can be low and dirty, a kind of soap opera for people who would never watch As the World Turns. This Op-Ed piece makes me wonder how low people can and will go, and how much second guessing is involved. Scary no matter what.

Two days ago an article ran in the Times about how black is a symbol of power in women's wardrobes. A well written letter to the editor disagrees, though:

"Wearing black, women look like wrens on a crumb--a crowd of indistinguishable shadowy creatures. Female warriors, presidents, empresses and popes favor white because they nkow that being seen is true power.

"...it is possible that white, unlike black, is so powerful because, like the empty page and the blank canvas, it invites others to project their dreams upon you, making them putty in a woman's hands."

Who wears black? Stage hands, ushers, puppeteers. Who wears white? The pope, people who can afford to buy another white outfit if they sit on some pine sap. I know that black is the tradional color of power in New York City, but these connotations make more sense to me. Run out and buy white... the new black! -_^

Don't forget the best, saved for last! Or is that the last, saved for the best? Let me think about it. -_^

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 4:26 PM [+] ::
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:: Saturday, September 04, 2004 ::

Assumptions Suck

Even the little ones. I don't know, maybe it's just me or whatever, but a suitemate's male friend that has been stopping by has been ticking me off. Last night he talked to us how he was going to the Shabbat dinner, and Bhairiavi and are were like, "cool". Then he went into this whole bit, "See, Shabbat is Friday night into Saturday, and it's to Jewish people as Sunday is to Christian people". I wanted to yell at him, "I have many Jewish friends, you know! I've even *been* to that dinner!!!". ~sigh~ He coulda at least asked if we were familar with Shabbat first... it's like he assumed we were 'dumb' and didn't know. His manner was all like that too... explaining the foreign culture to the dumb majority. Grrr.

And then today, suitemate says, "[Friend] has said he'll help us move our couch when the time comes", to which he chimes, "Yeah, I'll help, just let me know when." The couch is meerly on its end in the common room. It only needs to be turned 90 degrees then pulled across the floor to its final resting place. I could do it alone, and he's offering to help all four of us do it? Like that fifth person is really going to do something? I could be overreacting on this one, but the first thing was kind of a set up for it. And if he worded it differently I wouldn't have been as mad--a "If you need an extra set of hands for moving that couch, let me know" would have gone over much better. "Nah, I think we'll be set" is an easy reply. However, using that responce to the actual comment is slightly... not mean, but not nice. I'm rambling.

Oh! And he just walks into our room whenever he feels like it. Yes, our door is open, but it's customary to say "hi" before you're five steps into the room. Also, he comes in with an air of, "I'm just looking for my keys, I may have left them in here...". What's up with that?!

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 10:03 AM [+] ::
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ummm....freaky freak of a freaky person.
/me comforts
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:: Friday, September 03, 2004 ::

Back to the School Thang

The first week of classes has now ended... it went okay. I was working three jobs at the beginning of the week, but now that's ended and I have two days of uninterrupted bliss. And homework.

My classes:

  • Development of Theatre and Drama I - Such a freshman class. Tried to scare the class via syllabus, but the phrases just ended up sounding empty:

    Your continuation in this course confirms that you understand and accept the condtions of the syllabus.

    Well... duh. And the next class she gave a fake "quiz" on the syllabus, asking questions like, "What percentage of your grade is test number two?". We have a syllabus to consult, not to memorize. And the class material is not interesting, not hard, and not well taught. Icky class. Third day and I'm already doing my Japanese homework during it. ~sigh~

  • Asian American Communities - Now this is how you scare people with a syllabus. The exams are take home, but essays that she expects to be near perfect because hey, you brought it home. A 15 page research paper. An oral presentation. She described the class along the lines of "rewarding, but rigorous", and I believe her. I've never taken a Soc class besides Intro, and this one is looking cooler by the minute. I can't remember the last time I had a discussion class, and needless to say, I'm enjoying it. ^_^
  • Transportation Policy and Planning - Neato class. The prof is well respected in the department, and she started the class by saying, "Depending on what kind of work we get done in this class, there's a chance that a paper, published in a national journal, will come of it." Basically, she was saying, "You can change the world". What a breath of fresh air! Too often it feels like, "You're still learning what you need to know in order to have half a chance to do anything worthwhile". She's had journal articles come out of classes in the past... so who knows! ^_^
  • Advanced Japanese - Wow, I wish I had time to study this summer. I need to work sooo hard. Kaya-sensei said I hit a wall, and she was so right. I only kinda felt it then. Now I can feel the wall closing in on all sides. Only fierce studying will fend it off... here goes!

First time I've only had four classes. I'm loving this free time. Can you say... pirates? ^_^

I've been trying to grab the free New York Times newspapers that show up in the dorm every morning. You gotta be early, that's for sure! Today I went through a couple back issues and cut out cool pictures to go on my wall. Down with institional white, up with newsprint! -_^

I read the paper, too, of course. Some scary stuff is going on in Russia with that school held hostage... so sad. The hostages being kids only adds to the horror of it. It's going to be interesting how the Russian government handles this whole thing. Apparently a lot of info that was originally given out was way underestimated--a number of about 200 hostages was reported at first, and now they're saying the number was close to 1,200. So scary sad.

I yanked out the crosswords... I stink at them, so I can only get anywhere on Monday and Tuesday puzzles. Forget Friday. :P

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 5:07 PM [+] ::
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I took acting I - it was a lot of fun. I also took stage combat (even more fun). There were only five people in my stage combat class, one of whom is now my fiancee. Oh, and I took "Fine arts appreciation" which sounds a lot more like what you are taking now. I was taking 19 hours that semester, and all of it except fine arts was upper level courses. Guess which class I made a B in. Blah.
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