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:: Saturday, September 04, 2004 ::

Assumptions Suck

Even the little ones. I don't know, maybe it's just me or whatever, but a suitemate's male friend that has been stopping by has been ticking me off. Last night he talked to us how he was going to the Shabbat dinner, and Bhairiavi and are were like, "cool". Then he went into this whole bit, "See, Shabbat is Friday night into Saturday, and it's to Jewish people as Sunday is to Christian people". I wanted to yell at him, "I have many Jewish friends, you know! I've even *been* to that dinner!!!". ~sigh~ He coulda at least asked if we were familar with Shabbat first... it's like he assumed we were 'dumb' and didn't know. His manner was all like that too... explaining the foreign culture to the dumb majority. Grrr.

And then today, suitemate says, "[Friend] has said he'll help us move our couch when the time comes", to which he chimes, "Yeah, I'll help, just let me know when." The couch is meerly on its end in the common room. It only needs to be turned 90 degrees then pulled across the floor to its final resting place. I could do it alone, and he's offering to help all four of us do it? Like that fifth person is really going to do something? I could be overreacting on this one, but the first thing was kind of a set up for it. And if he worded it differently I wouldn't have been as mad--a "If you need an extra set of hands for moving that couch, let me know" would have gone over much better. "Nah, I think we'll be set" is an easy reply. However, using that responce to the actual comment is slightly... not mean, but not nice. I'm rambling.

Oh! And he just walks into our room whenever he feels like it. Yes, our door is open, but it's customary to say "hi" before you're five steps into the room. Also, he comes in with an air of, "I'm just looking for my keys, I may have left them in here...". What's up with that?!

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ummm....freaky freak of a freaky person.
/me comforts
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