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:: Monday, March 14, 2005 ::

My Urban Eyes - Ep 5.5

Click here for mp3.

Hey there everyone. It's been a real crazy week and a half, between fighting with two University departments and midterms, I'm dead. Here's my apology, with fully double the normal production values:

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 7:43 PM [+] ::
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ooooh -- music. yes, k: focus on your studies! enjoy spring break!
The best cure for midterms is tequila
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:: Sunday, March 06, 2005 ::

Ahh, Midterms

Midterms really stink. They make me want to crawl into a shell and forget school completely. Tomorrow is my Japanese oral exam, Friday is my Logic midterm, and two eight page essays are due in Urban Design in two weeks. Wish me luck!

I want to thank everyone for the awesome comments about MUE. With the links and links of links that people (especially Seabreeze!) have suggested, I've haven't been able to keep up with my casts for the first time ever. I got mostly caught up this weekend... but subscribing to things like Weekend America, a two hour news program, doesn't help. -_^

While I have nothing set in stone for MUE, I do have a solid idea of where I'm going. (Thanks for the input, Jason--that was a big help. ^_^) I'm going to make sure each cast has something I enjoy, because if I enjoy it and am passionate about it, listeners will pick up on that, ne? I may also include observations, just crazy random things, that have caught my eye that week... kinda like last week's "snow makes everything beautiful".

I'm also going to make more of an effort to post here between shows... at first I was afraid I'd go through all my "material" in posts, leaving nothing for podcasts. I shouldn't worry so much, though. ^_^

Oh, I just thought of a show idea for tomorrow! I know a lot of my friends (therefore, a lot of my listeners) aren't too heavy into podcasts, so maybe I'll run through my favorites, and perhaps you guys will find something you like. It's an exciting world... dive in!

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 8:56 PM [+] ::
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yay! a post a post ;)
I just don't have time to listen to a podcast ;)
Maybe if I ever get an ipod, I'll download them and give them a listen while I'm on the go.
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:: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 ::

My Urban Eyes - Hi from Snowy Albany

Click here to get the mp3.

A short ep today, as I try to figure out my podcast's raison d'etre.

In this episode:

- Oooo, Pretty Snow
- Universal-ality

Comments and suggestions always appreciated! ^_^

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 12:52 PM [+] ::
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i promise i won't yell...
I heard your podcast after seeing it on Rizzen.net a fe minutes ago, while looking for "misadventures in taiwan." I'll listen to more from your archives. As you say today, we look for the universal in the mundane details of the specific. See this on Podcast Alley from just Sunday night[on 'podcasting killed the radio star']:

you seem like a very kind person. Also, you have a very sexy and soothing voice.
Thanks for the comments, everyone! Keep them coming!

Elizabeth - thank goodness.

Seabreeze - Thanks so much for the link! It's a really interesting issue, global vs. local, and I'm listening to the podcasts you recommended as I write this. I even found a podcast in Japanese via a link of a link. Double word score! -_^

Anonymous - ~blush~
ok - random link posted here for sexy voice's perusal just cuz i shouldn't get on aim during work time...
news story for k's interest in cities
You Rock :-)

Thanks for checking out Insomnia Radio and for leaving a great comment. It added some much needed sunshine to my week.

Seinfeld and podcasts about nothing:
As you seek out MUE's raison d'etre, realize that it doesn't need a strict focus. I know that's vague, but just speak your mind, and make the show your own. If you put passion and quality into it, the rest takes care of itself, yes? Besides, our voice is enough to draw people in :-)

take care and let's keep in touch.
Umm....major IRRITATING typo..let's clear this up before I sound like an egomaniac...

Previous comment: "Besides, our voice is enough to draw people in"

Make that: YOUR voice is enough.....
Very soothing and a pleasure to listen to. So uh...yea! I'm gone before I make an ass out of myself....

Damn, too late.
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