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:: Thursday, September 16, 2004 ::

Whole Lotta News

I love the New York Times! Soo many good stories today, I have to pull a Bubbablue and share. ^_^

Sims 2 is out now, and by all accounts, better than the original. It's tempting... but it also looks like something that could send my grades into the toilet. I already have Puzzle Pirates for that, so why add another distraction? ;)

The amazing folks at The Daily Show, headed by Jon Stewart, have come out with a mock textbook about America, and man, it looks funny. A Daily Show that I won't have to wait until 11 for? Amazing! -_^ Of course, there are gems inside:

"If con is the opposite of pro, then isn't Congress the opposite of progress?"


The world of politics can be low and dirty, a kind of soap opera for people who would never watch As the World Turns. This Op-Ed piece makes me wonder how low people can and will go, and how much second guessing is involved. Scary no matter what.

Two days ago an article ran in the Times about how black is a symbol of power in women's wardrobes. A well written letter to the editor disagrees, though:

"Wearing black, women look like wrens on a crumb--a crowd of indistinguishable shadowy creatures. Female warriors, presidents, empresses and popes favor white because they nkow that being seen is true power.

"...it is possible that white, unlike black, is so powerful because, like the empty page and the blank canvas, it invites others to project their dreams upon you, making them putty in a woman's hands."

Who wears black? Stage hands, ushers, puppeteers. Who wears white? The pope, people who can afford to buy another white outfit if they sit on some pine sap. I know that black is the tradional color of power in New York City, but these connotations make more sense to me. Run out and buy white... the new black! -_^

Don't forget the best, saved for last! Or is that the last, saved for the best? Let me think about it. -_^

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