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:: Saturday, February 09, 2008 ::

So Maybe I Went a Little Crazy

With the Ecowool, that is.

Hemlock Ring - Blob Stage

This thing knit up so fast (and mostly at night) that this is my only in-progress shot. And here it is as a semi-FO:

Hemlock Pose

I need pins (and a nap-less day) to block this thing out on my bed, so it's sitting in the corner now, lonely. Well, these socks have joined it now.

Berry Marigolds FO

Berry Marigolds
Pattern: Marigold Socks by Pamela Wayne [ravelry]
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock in Mixed Berries
Needles: Set of five US 0 dpns
Cast on 7.?.07 and 12.27.07, cast off 1.31.08

How can there be two cast on dates, you ask? Well, the first go round wasn't very... successful. It was my second lace project ever (after these doomed snowflake socks) and I didn't have the chops to keep track of all those yos and k2togs in such a dark variegated yarn. So I ripped it out. Fast forward five months and many projects later and it was a piece of cake. I think the biggest difference was that I learned how to read my knitting and did away with the stitch markers. One at the beginning of the round is fine, but otherwise what a pain.

Shephard Sock is known to pool like mad, but the straight knitting interspersed with lace rows prevented a disaster. I got a major case of second sock syndrome with this pair, but Sockdown over at Ravelry cured that.

The knitting goes on. Here's a taste of what I've started:

Chewy Spaghetti - Serendipity Cake


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:: Kazen 1:32 PM [+] ::
:: ... 1 comments | backtrack ::

The Hemlock Ring looks SO GOOD!!

I've got a spare bedroom and blocking wires, if you need a little help from a friend. Of course, we would "have" to work out a custody arrangement... Maybe one movie on my lap each year? ;)
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