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:: Monday, April 28, 2008 ::

Whirlwind, Calmly

So, a lot's been going on. Something I couldn't mention in my last post--I'm transferring to a different Starbucks. There's a new store opening a block from my old store (I know, I know) and I'm going to help them open it smoothly. The location is wonderful, the manager is awesome, and I'm going to love the challenge. We open next week, and this week is setup. I also took four days off for myself, which has been really really nice. There's actually seven days here where I don't have to wake up before 4 am. It's wonderful. ^_^

Before I forget, here's my latest FO:

Comfort Socks - FO

Comfort Socks
Pattern: My usual Plain Jane over 60 sts
Yarn: Trekking in color 62
Needles: US 1s/2.25mm
Cast on 4.13.08, cast off 4.26.08.

A fairly quick turnaround on these, and it would have been even faster if another project didn't distract me between the first and second socks. Trekking is my go to yarn and my current favorite. This isn't one of my favorite colorways, though--I like something with a little more punch and variation. I'll still wear them lovingly, of course. ^_^

And on a completely unrelated note, the other day I wrote a beautiful Japanese character, and I was so proud.

Pretty Ji - Far

Can you see it? In the middle of all those hastily written, lopsided, still being learnt kanji there's a glimmering textbook example of penmanship, shining like the star it is. ...no? Can't see it? Okay, let me highlight it for you:

Pretty Ji - Near

There. That is a, dare I say it, a perfect ki. The two horizontal lines are at exactly the same angle, the bottom swish is just as swishy as it ought to be. As soon as I wrote it I looked back and wondered how it even came from my hand. I mean, look at the rest of the page. I wasn't trying to write neatly, and yet still I am graced with this ki. My heart is still aflutter. ^_^

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 6:59 PM [+] ::
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Congratulations on the writing...I just came back from Japan and boy it would have been nice to be able read/write/speak/understand ANYthing. I know learning the language is quite a challenge, but I think I may begin to tackle it. It is possible to get around without a whip of Japanese...just not quite as much fun!
I'm so jealous. My letters are horrible but I guess they're better than my kids' of course they are just learning how to write English as well ;)
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