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:: Monday, January 28, 2008 ::


I've been away from the blog for a while. (Understatement.) But I come back to you with a couple of new yarns and projects. (Also an understatement.)

Went home for Christmas--it's so nice to go home and relax. I really needed a break after the grind of a holiday season at the coffee shop. I flew back east on Christmas Eve, and had a bunch of caffeine on Christmas Day. ^_^ I got to see a bunch of snow while I was home:

Home - Front Snow

This was a few days after I arrived. Then a nice big storm came through.

Home - Front Mega Snow

Can't see that farm anymore, can you? The road was covered as well--you can kind of see it in the middle of the pic.

Home - Bird Snow

Those bird feeder poles are taller than they appear. -_^

Christmas Day was tons of fun--got to see family, give away some handknits, and even receive some yarn!

Smooshy - Summer Sky

Dream in Color Smooshy in Some Summer Sky

Chewy Spaghetti - Serendipity

Chewy Spaghetti in Serendipity

These were both from the Loopy Ewe, via Aunt Susan (thanks so much!!). And thanks to Sheri for having a wishlist feature--it was sooo easy to forward to potential gift getters. The Smooshy is indeed just that, with a pretty hint of lavender. I'm interested to see how the Chewy Spaghetti knits up--I think it may become a pair of rpms.

And then, there's the big haul, and my major Christmas present this year...

Home - Webs Sock Yarn

...a trip to Webs in Northampton Massachusetts. It's a warehouse full to the rafters with yarn. The wool fumes are overwhelming. See how I'm hanging onto the Kaffe Fassett sock for dear life? I'm just trying to stay upright.

Home - Webs Sock Yarn 3

Home - Webs Sock Yarn 2

This is where I spent most of my energy--in front of the sock yarn. So many pretty colors! Even a couple of smaller dyers, as well as a couple of brands I haven't heard of. So, without further ado, here is my take:

Yarn Moasic

1. Trekking - 185, 2. Trekking - 62, 3. Shibui - Midnight, 4. Schaeffer Anne - Julia Child, 5. Artyarns - 145, 6. Alpaca Sox - 1890, 7. Alpaca Sox - 1820, 8. Ecological Wool - 8049

I hugged the bag most of the two hour drive home.

And the best part about vacation, of course, is the knitting! Here are the FOs in and around my trip:

Ocean Socks - FO

Standing in the Ocean (Up to My Knees)
Pattern: basic toe-up sock with a fake EoP heel-flap thingie
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Coastal, two complete skeins (only a couple yards left over)
Needles: set of five US 1 dpns
Cast on 11.14.07, cast off 12.26.07

I was determined to get as much out of this yarn as I could so I knit these toe up without caring about the striping. Somehow the dark stripes ended up pseudo-matching, which I appreciate. I thought I'd get more out of the yarn than I did, though. Next time I'll do a short row heel (not a fan--I like the reinforcement of a heel flap) to try and stretch the yardage. Used EZ's sewn bind off for an awesome stretchy cuff.

Deep Blue - FO

Deep Blue
Pattern: Plain Jane stockinette over 60 sts, top down with EoP heel flap, wide toe
Yarn: Trekking (XXL), color 71
Needles: set of five US 1 dpns
Cast on 12.31.07, cast off 1.13.08

I love Trekking. I like that it's a middle-of-the-road yarn price wise and that it wears so well. Yeah, it feels woolly... but we like wool, don't we? Watching the colors change is nothing short of magic, not to mention an easy way to get knitting out of me ("Oooo, what will come next??"). The first sock was knit to the heel flap in one day and finished in three. Yeaaaa vacation.

And in the land of not quite FOs, the Eco Wool...

Eco Wool - Swatch

Was swatched. Honestly. I usually don't, but I want to make sure the Hemlock Ring Blanket it will be come has nice drape. And it does. I'm working it up on US 9s instead of 10s (due to a simple lack of needles), but being a somewhat loose knitter it's working out fine. The blanket is more than halfway done now--I'll have pictures next time.

And then there's my Marigold Sock.

Marigold Sock - One

I'm trying to finish its sister for Sockdown, but we'll see.

Okay, so I think I'm kind of sort of caught up now. ^_^ Tomorrow my knitting group is having a yarn exchange in an effort to get rid of stash before Stitches West... so there may be more yarny news before too long!

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 7:39 PM [+] ::
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What a view. Wish I could be there now. Just sit on the front porch and look out. I have ALWAYS LOVED that view. Not much snow here. Wish we would. Love to have my sister in law see it. Looks like you had a good Christmas home. Have fun knitting. And do some for me. Cant right now. Love ya bunches!!!!!!! Aimee
That view really pulls at some serious heart strings. I am on the verge of crying. That view is grained into my brains and heart each and every day of my life. Always been my favorite my entire life. I wish I could of been there.
I would love to have a pair of your socks, what can I do to get a pair? Regards, Karri
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