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:: Sunday, September 30, 2007 ::

They Were Giants

John Linnell, my favorite, on keyboards. In the middle ground is John Flansburgh and farther back is Dan Miller (left) and Marty Beller (right, drums).

Photo by Woo over at Flickr via a Creative Commons License

Just came back from a They Might Be Giants concert, and it was amazing! I went alone, but at a Giants concert you're never alone--I got into great conversations with Andrew, Kari, and Jonah about everything from which t-shirts one should wear to a show (from a different band, obviously) to Ira Glass and all things radio. You know that speech you give about yourself when you meet someone new? "Moved out here a year ago..." etc? Well, these people actually knew what I was talking about when I said I wanted to be "an independent radio producer for NPR". That never happens. Only at a TMBG show.

As for the show itself, it was amazing. The band has said that The Filmore is one of their favorite venues and it sure looked it. They treated us to whole bunches of rare and semi-rare songs, including Mr. Me, Ant, and Istanbul. So much good stuff.

Not to mention that they had a full horn section! Such a treat.

So now it's a shower (it was really hot, and one of those places where you stand the whole time) and sleep before work tomorrow. Hopefully my eardrums will recover while I sleep!


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Sounds fun!!
I'm going to be a fangirl for a moment:

OMG Squee! You got to see They Might Be Giants? You. Are. So. Lucky! I saw Weird Al back in June, and he was amazing. :)

Lucky you! Great picture of 'em, too. :)
awesome! i didn't even realize they were in town. though i can't afford any shows right now anyway.
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