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:: Sunday, April 29, 2007 ::

Crazy Crazy Day

A crazy day full of tourists at work... so of course I have to rant. ^_^ This is taken from a post I made elsewhere to other Starbucks baristas, so I'll explain some bits.

Customer: I'd like a small latte.
Me: Sure, a tall latte, anything else?
Customer: Oh, and a small coffee.
Me: Tall coffee, no problem.
Customer: When I say "small" are you saying "tall" on purpose?

A single order--three venti lattes, four venti cappuccinos, a grande non-fat CM, an orange juice and a no sugar added blueberry oat bar. Without a blink.

Translation: eight drinks requiring over a gallon of milk and some other add ons, ordered without a second thought.

A guy who is very obviously on something comes into the store and asks for a paper $1 for his random change. We're sorry--can't open our till without a transaction. (No bills in our tips at the moment, thank god.) He proceeds to yell at us, punch the air violently, and generally scare customers. We ask him leave. He does so, slowly, in stages. He comes back two more times within half an hour. We called the non-emergency police line, but he was gone before they could come.

Another order--five venti caramel fraps.

Fraps are no fun to make: you gotta get the base, you gotta measure everything out, into the blender, out of the blender, it's messy... and five of the biggest size at once? Ugh.

Three completely separate cases that went exactly like this:
~I get handed a $50/$100~
Me: Do you have anything smaller? Or a credit or debit card, by any chance?
Customer: I don't.
Me: Well, I can break this, but if I do it's going to be all in $1s and $5s with a couple rolls of quarters thrown in, and I don't know if you'd want that.
Customer: Here, put it on my credit card.
~head bangs register~

The drink from hell--grande, half-caf, single shot, two pumps of vanilla on top, two pumps of vanilla on the bottom, soy, bone dry, 130 degree cappuccino. Oh, "and I only get charged for a tall".

Okay, this one requires the most explaining. A cappuccino is half milk, half foam. Soy cappuccinos are a pain--having no fat, soy doesn't foam well at all. It's hard, often taking until 170 degrees to get something decent. But she wants it at 130, bone dry--all foam, not a drop of liquid. And all of the other stuff is just picky, picky, picky. The vanilla will sink to the bottom no matter where you put it.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. But some days...

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