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:: Thursday, October 26, 2006 ::

My Media Diet

While I was in Japan I became out of touch with U.S. news and the English language. I read the New York Times and listened to NPR as much as I could, but the slip was slow, steady, and inevitable. Now that my life has settled down and my free time has become predictable I've been able to catch up as far as tv, radio, and print go. Here's what's commanding my attention:


- The Daily Show: The satire has become predictable, but the election coverage is still good. Two new faces stand out: John Oliver as the token Brit and John Hodgman as the Resident Expert.
- The Colbert Report: Still has a refreshing, scathing bite to the writing. I find myself skipping over the Better Know a District segments, but The Word is consistantly well done. I'm also looking forward to the book, which supposedly will be written largely by Colbert.
- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Aaron Sorkin, best known for creating The West Wing, continues to work his wordy magic here. I love the cast (especially the West Wing holdovers), though Amanda Peet's performance is lacking.

Radio and Podcasts

- Morning Edition and All Things Considered [RSS]: perhaps the best national news out there.
- KQED's The California Report [RSS]: My (vain?) effort to become familar with California news and politics.
- WNYC's On the Media [RSS]: A weekly hour long look at issues facing the media, from the obvious (bloggers getting jailed, the ethics of anonymous sources) to the not so obvious (pop song references in legal decisions, the outing of Lonelygirl15).
- This American Life [RSS]: "Stories based around a theme", though that description does it little justice. Some of the most interesting, captivating radio in existance.

- Stanford Campus Events and Lectures [RSS]: Speeches by leaders in their field. I especially love the Knight Fellow journalism talks.


- The New Yorker: What can I say? Awesome and essential.

Needless to say, I reccomend all of these. ^_^ Is there something I should add to my list? Leave a comment and let me know!


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