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:: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 ::

Sightseeing Plus

Wah, what a week! Mark's parents visted from Ontario, so we took every opportunity to do the tourist thing. I'm warning you right now, this is going to be very picture heavy!

First up, Muir Woods, home of the California Redwood!

But first you have to get there. ^_^ The best way is over the Golden Gate Bridge, which was neat! Quite foggy that morning (not unexpected, if you saw my earlier weather post), but that just added to the mystique of it.

Pedestrians and bikes can go over the bridge for free. Cars don't pay anything to get out of the city, but there's a $5 charge to get back in.

Once you get close to the park the roads get really hairy--basically climbing up a mountain and cominging halfway down the other side. Mark did a great job driving--I would have been so scared!

See? Sharply turning road, white line, no shoulder, three tufts of grass, cliff. Eeeep.

Once you're there it's incredibly beautiful. We were lucky to catch a ranger tour that was just starting. He was a great tour guide and we learned a ton. One girl on the tour was celebrating her birthday, so she got to wear a banana slug on each arm for the duration of the tour. I kinda wish I got a picture of her, it was neat.

Being a federal forest nothing is disturbed--fallen trees included. The only exception is where fallen trees obstruct the walking path.

Mark's parents and I in the large hollow of a redwood tree.

Mark and I in the same spot.


That's it for right now--more pictures upcoming, though!


:: Kazen @ Always Doing 9:29 PM [+] ::
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Actually, fallen trees do get taken cared of - especially ones like that over the path. We call that kind of snag a "wider'maker" for obvious reasons. It's nice to see pictures of that park ;-). About how far a drive was it from San Francisco?
The ranger dude said that in Muir Woods the only trees that get touched/moved are those across paths, so... ~holds hands up in the air in an "I have no idea!" fashion~ -_^

The drive isn't too long--under an hour, I think.
I heard that they dont' touch them unless they are blocking a path also.
I'm not accusing you, dear. ;-) I'm just telling you what *we* do at *our* National Park. I should know, I report those snags to trails all the time. Of course, we have plenty of reasons for our trees to be a safety hazard - Chestnut Blight, Dogwood Blight, Hemlock Wooley Adelgid, ::counts off list of zillions of other tree diseases because of non-native infestations and general human stupidity:: Oh, and Justin wants me to tell you that the road has lines on it - so it shouldn't be scary. I guess he's still feeling resentment for the 1 lane gravel mountian road I drove him up at breakneck speed. ;-)
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