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:: Sunday, August 06, 2006 ::

Let There Be Morphs

Mark and I went to an Anime Convention right here in town... well, it used to be an anime convention, but now they're trying to make it more of an animation convention. Which was awesome. ^_^

We got to see Merlin, the director of, get this, the Wallace and Gromit movie that came out last year. He brought a suitcase of characters along with him, including a couple of Gromits (he's Gromit's lead animator) and the were-rabbit.

And then afterwards he held a claymation workshop where we could make our own charcter! He taught us how to make Morph, basically the simplest human-esque character possible in clay.

They came out with varying levels of success... Mark's fella, on the right, is giving my sorry guy a pat on the head. :P

Mark and the were-rabbit and Morph.

~warning: webcomic madness below~

Other highlights include meeting Greg Dean of Real Life Comics and Jes of MacHall. It's all a very twisted web: Mark works for Three Rings, and Ian of MacHall was recently hired there. Jes is his girlfriend, I am Mark's girlfriend, and Greg is a friend, period, and so on. (Everyone, by the way, is super cool. Super super cool.)

Anywho, later there's a webcomics panel, and we arrive a little late because the main room was running way over on time. By the time we pop in the panel has degenerated into god-knows-what. Greg and Jes are there, along with a girl we don't know and a guy we don't know. As the guy-we-don't-know rants we realize... it's Shirt Guy Dom from Megatokyo! The one webcomic that I've read the most of. Sort of mind blowing in a way, especially when Mark is pointed out to him (as a Ringer) instead of the other way around.

...okay, I realize that probably made no sense to anyone but Elizabeth, and that my writing skills are less than sterling this morning, but I hope that was at least somewhat coherent.

Anyway. We had a lot of fun. ^_^

To make up for all of that crazy rambling blab, here are some San Francisco pictures for ya!

Cable car! This is near the Chinatown library.

The State Seal, as found near City Hall. Yes, that is Minerva, who is also the symbol of the University at Albany. Real life convo with Mark about the motto:

Karla: Our motto is Eureka, as in, "I've found it?"
Mark: ~shrug~
Karla: That's dumb. New York's motto is Excelsior, which means, "Ever upward". I like that better.
Mark: But we don't need to go ever upward--we already found it.


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