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:: Monday, July 17, 2006 ::

Goings On

I've been doing so much stuff this past year, from Japan to Albany to San Francisco, that I've forgotten that blogging can be more than travel pictures. So, welcome to the pinball machine of my brain. -_^

Things are going really well here. Waiting to hear back from the three companies I applied at... kinda nervous just waiting, but there's nothing more I can do. Looking to go to the DMV this week or early next to get my driver's license. I have to take a written test, kinda like the permit test, before they'll give me one. I've been reading through the nearly 100 page handbook, and I'm surprised by how many things are different than New York--painted curbs, a speed limit of 70 on some highways... little things, I guess. But this test will be on the little things, boooo.

I love living close to Chinatown. Today I got some apples and peaches there, along with yakisoba and milk. Milk is so expensive here! Fully double the price in New York--I think I paid $2.19 for a half gallon of skim. I guess those happy cows have agents or something. And while back home you can get blueberries, which are in season by the way, for a dollar a pack or so. Here you get a half pack for $1.25. And the berries are grown in California! What the hell! I realize that living in a city the price of groceries is higher than elsewhere, but still. Double the price? Please.

Mark has a PS2, so I've been enjoying his games while he's at work. Game of the moment is Katamari Damacy, where you roll a ball around. It's sticky, so it picks up stuff and grows in size, hopefully to the point where you get to roll up the world! Bwahahahahaha! ...ahem. It's a lot of fun. ^_^

I've also been catching up on the West Wing. My catching up starts at season one, episode 12. -_^ I'm into season two now, and loving it.

Has anyone caught the first two episodes of Psych on USA? It's about a brilliant slacker-detective type who gets a gig with the police by faking to be a psychic. The first ep showed a lot of promise, but the second one was pretty stale and boring. Don't know how much more of it I'm going to watch.

I have been drinking a lot of wonderful tea lately, so tasty. ^_^ I have a bunch of green tea I brought back with me from Japan, the real stuff. I'm also enjoying Celestal Seasonings' peppermint tea. I'll get around to buying my earl gray eventually, too. I found this place online that sells tea in bulk for cheap--a pound of peppermint for under $2.80. A pound of earl gray for $7.75. The place is a bus ride away, but I may make an adventure out of it. ^_^

I didn't bring any mugs here with me, so I've been using what Mark has. There's this really nice mug--black, well balanced, handsome ...and it has an Ottawa Senators logo on it. I hate the Sens, which happens to be Mark's hometown team. So I'm using the mug, but I try to look at the logo as little as possible. :P

Speaking of adventures, I want to go to the library, but I don't have any proof of address yet, and I can't bear to go if I can't bring anything back with me. Every day I check the mail to see if my ATM card has come through, but no such luck yet.

Ramblings of the day, yea! See what happens when I'm left to my own devices? -_^

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 4:54 PM [+] ::
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Hey - on the library, our library here in town will send a postcard to you and you return it. That's your proof of address. Any chance they'll do that?
I'm at work, so no sign in ^^

I ended up going to the DMV to get my license, which requires no proof of address, then used the interm paper thingie they give you as proof of address at the library. ^_^ That's cool with the postcard thing, though.
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