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:: Saturday, May 20, 2006 ::

Graduation Day

It doesn't feel like it though. On Wednesday I took the last final of my undergraduate career, and tomorrow I'll attend my graduation here at Kansai Gaidai. By an odd twist of fate, it is the same day UAlbany is holding their graduation.

Due to paperwork issues, however, my diploma will read August, 2006, but in my mind I'm a graduate. I'm not sure how it feels though, since I'm stressing and packing. @_@ So much stuff to do! Cancel cell phone, close bank account, sell bike, get general deposit back from the school, pack up my ceramics, clean, say goodbye to everyone, have a last go at karaoke, not to mention getting my luggage together and getting my butt to the airport (gonna take the highway bus--love the trains here, but three train changes with all that luggage? I'll pass).

The way that the bus schedule works, I'll be getting to the airport something like six hours before my flight. I think I'll know every store inside and out by the time I depart! -_^

My plane takes off from Kansai International at 6 pm local time May 24th, and arrives in Chicago at 4 pm local time, same day. How cool to land before you take off! Then there's a two hour layover in Chicago to get through customs, then it's a two hour hop to Albany, where I'll arrive at 9 pm. 14 hours in the air, 16 total. If you want to be really mean, you can add in my six hours at Kansai International waiting and travel time to *get* to the airport and it turns into a 23.5 hour ordeal. -_^ Thank god my family is picking me up when I get home--I think I may collapse into their arms! Hehe.

If anyone has any tips for beating jet lag I'd love to hear them. I plan to drink a *lot* of water on the flight, but beyond that I don't have much of a clue. I'd love to hear your tips! ^_^


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