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:: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 ::

Happy Rambling!

First, answering questions! ^_^

Thanks for all your questions, Karri! Ask, and you shall be answered! ~big wink~ Jet lag going *to* Japan isn't overly bad, actually. The first week I was waking up at 5 am or so... I think because that's dinnertime back in the states. After that I've been fine. This week I've been really tired, but that's because I've been staying up late to study--my own fault. :P

I'm sure Mom misses me a lot, but she does a good job hiding it in her e-mails. ~wink~ (I love and miss you, Mom!)

Okay, now onto some personal news and things!

My boyfriend Mark graduated college (or "University" as they say in Canada) recently, and he already has a kick butt job! It's with an online gaming company that currently has a massive multiplayer online game and a couple of other projects in the works. If you couldn't tell he's a programmer that can't get enough of games. -_^ It's a really great gig for him, and I'm so proud ^_^ It does require a cross-country international move--from Ontario, Canada to San Fran, California. Which is actually a few hours closer to Japan, now that I think about it... hehe... anyway, congrats love!

Well, a couple of days ago it looked like typhoon number 14 was baring down on Japan, ready to pack a huge wallop. But then it slowed down... and turned North, away from Hirakata City, where I am right now. Some of the international students don't want a typhoon to come, but I think about half of us were excited. We're in Japan to experience Japanese things! And what is a typhoon if not a Japanese thing? It's also a day off from school, which is always appreciated. ^_^ We still have some time left in the typhoon season, though, so we'll see what happens. For those who don't know, typhoons are Asia's version of hurricanes. They aren't as bad as hurricanes though, and just pack some wind and a lot of water. Small islands and coastal areas get hit the most, obviously. Typhoon 14 did cause some flooding and such, but it's nothing like a hurricane. Plus, they spin the other way ~wink~.

Yesterday a new friend and I went to a ramen restaurant across the street for lunch. It was cheap. *Really* cheap--I got a huge bowl of ramen and gyoza (dumplings) for 360 yen... about $3.50 US. The entrees start at 180 yen, or under two bucks American. The on campus cafeteria is really cheap as well. I can get a full lunch for two to four dollars. Awesome.

Bread in Japan is really really sweet. I think they add a lot of sugar to it... I can't tell for sure since I can't read all the small print on the package yet. -_^ Also, snacks that say "hot!" on them with little chili peppers are a high mild, at best. Japanese don't seem to have the same taste for hot food that Americans or, say, Indians have. So while there is curry in Japan, it's a sweet curry, not a hot Indian curry.

Okay, little tidbits over--time to run to class. Hopefully soon I'll remember to bring my camera's cord so I can show you guys more pictures! ^_^ Take care, everyone!

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 12:33 PM [+] ::
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You have me hanging on the edge of my seat everyday! I can't wait to get to work and read what you've got to share!

Now that you've been over there for a couple of weeks, what are some of you favorite experiences thus far?
Now waaaait a minute! What gaming company is your BF working for???
Ooo, rings three!

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