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:: Friday, September 02, 2005 ::

Friday, yea!

Gotta love the end of the week, ne. I'm really tired, though, I"m ready to go home and just *crash*. I have a three hour break today... pretty annoying. Especially considering that it's now just after 2 am on the East Coast and there aren't that many people to talk with. Oh well.

Currently trying to figure out how to get music *off* of my ipod without itunes. Fourth generation... if anyone can point me to a site or something, I'd be much appreciative. :)

edit: I think I've figured it out, yeaaa! Simply a hidden folder. Bah.

To answer Karri's questions, albeit quickly (sorry!):

My commute is a five minute walk from my homestay house to Kayashima Station, 20 minutes on a train, and then twenty minutes' walk from Gotenyama Station to Kansai Gaidai University. So just about 45 minutes, which is an average commute, it seems. Very few people have a shorter commute, and some travel up to an hour and a half one way.

As for my classes and understanding professors: my afternoon class is taught in English by an expat, so he's really easy to understand. My ceramics teacher is Japanese but his English is really really good, so he's perfectly understandable. If we know Japanese he wants us to speak to him in Japanese for practice, but he always says the important stuff in English so it's understood.

My other two classes are in Japanese language and are taught in Japanese by Japanese. My language level is high enough to manage this, and they do talk down to us slightly, I think. But everything is understandable. And once again, if you're trying to say something in Japanese but can't, you ask "Eigo o tsukaite mo ii desu ka?"--"May I use English?". So understanding isn't a problem. ^_^

As for assignments being hard--the Japanese language classes are quite hard. They really really push you. School started on Tuesday (it's Friday now) and I've already had two vocab tests. The first was for speaking class with about 40 words. The second was for reading and writing Japanese and covered 60 words and 30 new kanji, i.e. written characters. I had two days so study for each. >_<

But! To compensate the afternoon classes are very very very easy. Do the readings, show up and get an A easy. My afternoon class in English is also boring, but I'll deal with that, I think. -_^ Ceramics is a class where you just put your time in and you're fine. Yesterday I got to use the wheel for the first time! It's just as hard as it looks. -_^

And as for American food... there's a McDonalds right here on campus. American style food is easily found in stores and convenience stores. When we went to Kyoto we stopped at a Starbucks for a drink... they really *are* everywhere. -_^

Well, I have to run off to class now. -_- I'm getting a cell phone this weekend, and I may be able to post to my blog from the phone! We'll see, hehe. Until then, take care!

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 12:38 PM [+] ::
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Tell us how you are dealing with the lag time, meaning, the change of time for you. Hence, your comment about it being 2 AM here and you were waiting for your next class. I found in Germany it was very hard the first few days, but I felt myself gradually turning around, and I know Sean when he would come back after two weeks, took some time for him to get back to our time. How are you doing now you've been there going on two weeks.

Tell me how much your Mom misses you! :)
So glad to hear that you're getting in the groove. Sounds like you've been there for years. I am so enjoying reading of your adventures. Enjoy Japan as much as you can!! I love you
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