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:: Friday, August 19, 2005 ::

Oh, Crazy Day

Shall I start at the beginning?

Start off the day with a bagel, then packing. Packing for a trip this long requires major decision making. Exactly how many pairs of undies/socks do I need? Just think of the variables—wash is done more often in Japan (in general), but what about wearing out? The pair of socks that gets sacrificed to the family dog? And so on.

After that my Mom and I head out to do some near-last-minute shopping for all the stupid little stuff. Then dinner with and saying goodbye to Papa, my grandfather. I even got a pic with him with his fingers in a peace sign, like Japanese people do… cuuuuute.

Then on the way home we get a phone call—my brother Kurt got a piece of rust in his eye at work. (!!!) His eye had swollen shut and he needed someone to pick him up. So mom and I race down there. Turns out Saturn took him to see a doc down the street that gave him a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. So we got there, Mom drove Kurt’s car and I drove the caravan back home. The thought froke mom out because I haven’t been behind the wheel in any fashion or form for over a year (yeaaaa public transportation! And that’s an honest yea, not ironic at all!). I got home trouble free though, thank you very much. :P

So then I get home… and find out that the airline I’m taking to Japan, Northwest, will probably strike at midnight tonight. (To be more specific, their mechanics are striking. You know, the people who keep the planes safe.) The President isn’t stepping in, Northwest is going to run a full schedule regardless, and my connecting flight is in their hub, which is expecting the longest and most tragic delays. Awesome. (That was filled with irony.) Just when I was getting to grips with the flight, all this comes up. Now I’m just want to make my connecting flight to Japan! Otherwise I’ll be sleeping in the airport and everything, fuuuun.

Then I get a call from Mark—he got a job offer!!! An awesome one, too. It’s not signed just yet, so I’m going to avoid details, but let me just say that I’m very very very happy for him. ^_^ Yeaaaaa Mark!

So yeah, that was my day. How was yours?


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I hope you had a safe trip. I will be weird not seeing you next year when we come up. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers that you are safe and having a GREAT time. E-mail me so that I know you are safe and I know my parents will want to know also. Well girl, Love You!!!!! Have an AWSOME time.
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