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:: Monday, January 31, 2005 ::

Podcast Crazy

If you want to get in on an awesome new technology on the ground floor, here's your chance.

What is it? The short answer is blogs on steriods. Podcasts, audio broadcasted via mp3s on the internet, can range from movie reviews to NPR shows (On the Media is the first) to couples discussing their sex life. Mp3s are posted to the net and made available with an RSS or ATOM feed, with the sound file as an enclosure. Get a program like iPodder to grab the mp3s as soon as they're posted and... ta-da! New content every day, just for you!

If you have an ipod, or any mp3 player for that matter, new files can be dumped onto it every time you sync up. Then you can go off to class or drive or whatever listening to your goodies.

I don't have an ipod or mp3 player (though I'm considering adding a mini ipod to my "oooo, shiny things to buy" list), but you can use Windows Media Player's autoplaylist function to keep up to date (I found the hack here--it works with my 9 series, so don't think you have to update to 10).

Okay, I realize all that was rambling and not exactly smooth... but I'm really excited about this technology and can't take the time to think this post out properly. :P One of the most popular podcasts out there is the Dawn and Drew Show, in which a married couple basically rambles for a half hour or more each night. I'm only halfway through one cast but it seems interesting... though I don't quite need all the stuff about sex. >_< iPodder. Set it up, finding feeds online through sites that list feeds (check the bottom of this awesome wikipedia article for linkage), and welcome the incoming media. ^_^

Sooo, are any of you into this already? Let me know what casts you love!

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 2:26 PM [+] ::
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Yes, yes. iPod minis are very shiny and must have one.
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