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:: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 ::

Hell has Nearly Passed

Only one more final to go. Thank God. Pulled a near all nighter last night to finish my Soc paper... a little over ten pages, and organizationally flawed, but the research and heart were there, I think. I'm kinda glad I won't see the comments, though. :P

All that's left is Theatre... I hate my Theatre class. Haven't studied yet. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

YPP has a new update, yea! After finals tomorrow I want to go sailing to far off lands to check stuff out, but I think Glenn will be here... and he won't take too kindly to that. :P Friday, then.

When I update people seem to visit the site! Yeaaa!

I'm trying to arrange something where I can work at Harry and David for a couple days next week. I have to be dropped off and picked up, so I'll work as long a day as I can... hopefully 16 hours (did I really say that?). I think it will be a ton of fun, believe it or not. Over the summer the mall was so dead I wanted to shoot myself. Right before Christmas I will have the option of working cashier non stop, or stocking non stop... okay, sounds werid to be saying that, I admit. But when during the summer the most exciting thing you can think to do is straighten the gummy shelf, it sounds wonderful. ^_^

And talk about quick money. I'm debating if I should use it to enjoy myself in Toronto or to pay for the bulk of a nice digital camera. Decisions decisions. ^_^

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Hun, don't wanna break your plans, but legally, I don't think Teh Boss can schedual you for longer than 10 hours (and with that including your 1/2 hour federally mandated lunch break, it's 9.5 hours of pay). But if the store is really busy when you're supposed to leave, you can sometimes squeeze in an extra hour or two. I did it plenty last year...

just want you to know...
Awww! Darn laws ruining my fun! Thanks though, Elizabeth, very good to know. ^_^

When when when when?
Fyre, you will be the first to know when. ^_^ It will either be over New Years or not over New Years, but that's all I know... before Jan. 14th for sure (I have work on the 14th and 18th). As soon as I get info, I'll let you know... I'd love to meet you!!!
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