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:: Friday, December 24, 2004 ::

December 24, 2004

But It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas Eve

They are playing Miracle on 34th Street, though. That helps. I think I do this every year, though, the “It doesn’t feel like Christmas” bit. Maybe this year more than most, though. The tree only has lights, an angel topper, and a few indestructible ornaments due to our kitty. There isn’t a flake of snow outside; it was washed away in the pouring rain last night.

Oooo, an Airline marathon. I’ve only ever seen parts. Let’s see how it is…

Oh, here’s an ad for a new show coming up in January—“Caesar’s 24/7”, about the casino. It’s billed as a new “real life” series. That’s when you know reality tv has gone too far, when they start calling it “real life television”. ~shakes her head~

I’m putting together a present for a friend, and it’s so much fun! I hope she likes it. She reads this blog, I think, so I’ll say no more. She’ll just have to wait! Bwahahaha.

My itinerary for break is set! Well, last second changes can always occur, but the way it’s looking now:

December 26th – Bus to Long Island to be with Glenn
December 26th-29th – With Glenn
December 29th – Bus to Albany
December 30th – Train to Toronto
January 6th – Train to Albany

I love the train, hate the bus, but you do what you gotta do, ne? The long bus ride will be more than worth it. I’m looking forward to the train trip—it feels like an odd vacation of its own. I’m also looking forward to it because it will be the longest trip I’ve made alone so far. I emphasize the so far. ^_^

So… I’ll be in Toronto, effectively, from December 31st to January 5th. Laura, let me know what dates work for you, I really want to meet you!

I’ll be sending postcards from Toronto… if anyone wants one just holler! Best getting me your addy by other means, though, not in a comment post here, just in case, ne? ^_^

These poor people at the airlines. Dealing with people under stress is not fun. The holiday customers at Harry and David were a different animal than I’m used to, and people traveling are under great stress, to be sure. These poor employees, they go through so much. Heaven bless those with that kind of patience.

In an hour I get to go online, yeaa! (I’m writing this entries ahead of time, if you couldn’t tell.) Mom’s been on the phone with my aunt forever, but did I expect any less? I should really sleep more tonight, but I want to talk with people! That means so much more than sleep. Busses are made for sleeping, trains are made for sleeping.

Saw Ariell today, which was an amazing joy. I’m awful at keeping in touch, but Ariell and I always seem to get together each break, for which I’m grateful. I hope she remembers to give me blank CDs, there are so many cool programs I want to give her. ^_^

Random thing! The phrase “happy holidays” doesn’t have the same punch as “merry chirstmas”. I think it’s the wimpy h’s. At Harry and David’s yesterday I said “happy holidays” to stay politically correct, but every now and then a customer would say “merry chirstmas” to me. I always took the opportunity to return it.

OMG, it’s the fireplace!!! Do you guys have it? It’s basically a channel that plays this picture of a real fireplace with old time christmas music playing in the background. Go look and flip now, see if you have it! Go, go! I’ll wait here, no worries.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 10:18 PM [+] ::
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You can say "Mappy Crolidays!!" ........
Wherefore art tho Kazen?!


I thinks you got lost in space.
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