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:: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 ::


I revamped the sidebar to more accurately reflect my current taste, including links. Added a new category--blogosphere! A run down of the new links I added:

Adbusters--I found their mag a week or two ago at Barnes and Noble... it's very hard to describe. Ad-free and free-form, it's filled with amazing poetry, photography, and odds and ends. They have some really neat ideas (Black Friday being Buy Nothing Day), and I'm a huge fan of the mag.

WNYC--New York City's public radio. I thought WAMC was good, but I'm growing to like this station more. It's actually two stations in one, with different things on each most of the day. I love the choice and the political discussion that goes on most of the day. Sunday music rocks as well, as do the usual favorites of This American Life, Prarie Home Companion, and Selected Shorts.

Daily Kos--One of the leading left-leaning blogs out there. They post all the stuff I want to know about, but don't have the time to filter through thirty zillion news sites to find.

Gaping Void--He draws pictures on the back of business cards. Often witty, thought provoking, funny, and engaging. I've saved a ton on my comp... at one point I was thinking of using one a day as graphics on my blog, but my current layout seems to be working out, so I probably won't. He goes on a lot about business and advertising, which you may or may not like... but at least stop by and look at the cards.

I think that's it for today's links... hopefully more to come! I need to get back into hunting down photoblogs. I'm keeping up with the cool ones I love, but I've kind of abandoned the search for more.

And oh, I should do my homework! Right.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 6:43 AM [+] ::
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Homework is for sissies. Pillage.
Hiya Kazen!

Adbusters - awesome magazine. They do really crazy things with their issues too.. One of the past one had a hole throughout the whole magazine, and like they do odd shapes, and etc. It's a great magazine!
would you believe that down here, no one had any idea what i meant when i said "black friday"?
even my manager down town.
the closest thing i got to an answer was "wasn't that the day the stock market crashed?"
I didn't know what it was either. I think it must be a regional term. I looked it up, so I know what it means now.
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