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:: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 ::

Down to the Wire is an Understatement

I can't believe this--while no news network has called the election and the result of Ohio's vote won't be known for ten days due to provisional ballets, Bush has still declared a victory. I think that's just cheating and deceiving the American people. Please have the common sense and grace to not say you're the winner before you win, Mr. President. You're just trying to continue your administration of spin. Respect the minds of the American people and the judgement of every single US news organization.

The headline this morning will be "Bush Camp Declares Victory"... I hope that the news orgs follow up with "But He Hasn't Won Yet".

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 2:54 AM [+] ::
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The claim was that the Republicans didn't think that enough of the provisional ballots would be valid to make up the huge (it was a small percent, but a large number) difference in votes.

The Democrats said that there would be more than enough provisional ballots, and that a high percentage of them would be for Kerry.

After the provisional ballots were actually counted (not the votes counted, just the number of ballots), then the Kerry campaign decided to concede.

I'm not saying that either party did right in this. It would have been much better for both parties to preface their statements with 'in our opinion' and follow them with their reasoning. The news media (or at least some of the news media) was quick to ask these questions and qualify the statements with them.

It doesn't really matter what was said, as all polls were closed already. I still think that Bush has stocked his campaign with morons, to make himself feel smarter. But that's beside the point, I suppose. I should move to Ohio. My vote might matter there.
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