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:: Friday, November 12, 2004 ::

Advisors and Profs are There to Help, You'd Think

It's long been known that the English department's chair is an awful person. I just went up to her advisement office, where you could see proof on the door (from memory):

If you arrive within in the last 15 minutes before the office closes we will be unable to help you. Don't come in even with "one quick question", see us again on another day. Think of us like a banking instituion, with set hours that we are open.

Advisors exist to help students. At Advisement Services (a catch all for freshmen and others without majors) I've seen advisors stay extra hours, work weekends, and do everything in their power to help their students. English Advisement can't even seem to stay open on Friday.

But that's not the main reason I'm mad today. I am one semester away from graduation, and I still need to complete my upper level writing intensive requirement. My two majors do not offer writing intensive classes in this upcoming semester, as both departments are very small. Even the theatre department is not offering an upper level writing intensive.

Friends have told me that the English department holds seats for people like me who need this Gen Ed to graduate. I asked a friend if he could ask one of his favorite profs if taking her class was an option. She said to come and see her myself.

Today I did. It went like this--I said who I was, and that I wanted to be in her class. I mentioned how I needed this class to graduate, and so forth. She was like, " First thing, you have to come get the SKN yourself, not ask your friend to do it for you." Um, I asked him to ask about the possibility. I don't know if he did, but I wasn't expecting him to come to me with an SKN in hand. I was thinking more along the lines of, "Oh, you're gonna need a writing sample and her office hours are 10-2 on Monday." Or whatever. (That's another thing--she doesn't have set office hours. She is available a lot, it seems, but never at a set time. The University requires that a student be able to find a prof at a set time at least once a week. Doesn't seem unreasonable.)

And then she's like, "Oh, you need to speak with Advisement." I know everyone in Advisement, so I'm thinking I'm in. But oh no, I need to see the devils in English Advisement. Fine.

"Do I just tell them that you gave me your okay?"

"Are you an English major?"


"Well, this class is required for majors. IF there are any seats open after all the majors sign up, then maybe you can get in."

"Well, I need this class to graduate."

"You can take a 300Z course in your major."

"None are offered."

"What is your major?"

"Urban Planning and Japanese."

"Well, that's their fault. They are putting you on welfare, not offering these courses for you. They are driving you to come to us and take up seats in classes that WE pay money for."

"They are pretty small departments."

"Well, that may have something to do with it."

"I need this class to graduate. What do I do if I can't get in your class?"

"You can take any 300Z class in the University."

"Trouble is, I need the pre-reqs for those classes."

"Take it up with your major departments." I.e. not my problem, I owe you nothing, leave me.

English department, if you do not want at-large students taking your classes then make them for majors only. Or at least put a pre-req on it (this class has none). I can understand holding seats for majors (the East Asian Studies class does this). This way you assure that majors aren't shut out, which is your goal, and at the same time letting at-large students register on the computerized system. I need to have my schedule set for next semester by the end of this one. I need this class to graduate. I do not have the luxury of waiting until the first day of classes to find out if Iif there's an empty seat for me. Please make half an effort to understand that, instead of shoving me off into the newly fallen snow.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 10:37 AM [+] ::
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Okay, now it's not letting me comment with the name/PW you made up, but WILL let me do it anonymously? Blogger wa BAKA da.

Anyway, that is TERRIBLE. >O I can't believe the nerve of some of the higher ups at this school. I think graduating in four years is one of those dreams that gets further and further away with time. Like, you know, becoming a famous J-pop singer with a legion of mindless fans who will buy anything with your name on it, including floss, despite the fact that you're not even sure what an octave is, let alone whether or not you're singing in the right one. Although I WILL make that happen. >O

...this is Ri (Takarai) btw. XD
is albany history and architecture open? it's a history class, and upper level writing.
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