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:: Thursday, August 05, 2004 ::

A Rethink

Hiya, everyone! I hope a lot of you have come here through the Northern Lights forums to check me out. Lots of the stuff in here is not really recent, but really, this blog hasn't been a real account of my life. Not the day to day stuff, anyway... more of the workings of my mind.

That's all fine and good and well, but I think I'm going to get less cerebral from now on. I think it'll encourage me writing in here more. And it'll let all you guys know about what's going on with me. ^_^

That being said, onto today!

Glenn lost his wallet, which really stinks, especially considering everything was in it. He managed to get another license, thank goodness, though it took a lot of driving around town, on my part.

I hate how it's usually "the guy drives the girl around". It just doesn't make sense if it's her car, or if they could/should take her car instead of his. With Glenn and I it's easy--he has a car, I don't. He drives. And that's fine. But I still got a kick out of driving his car today when he was licenseless. I haven't driven in a year, and his tiny Camery is way different from the minivan I'm used to. Needless to say, I froke him out a couple of times. But for once, the person driving knew their way around town! Bwhahahaha.

So now it's some time here, sitting and chilling and trying not to nap before dinner. Glenn and I will have some pasta with white sauce over at his place, mmmmm.

Went to Honest Weight, an awesome food co-op today. It's so much fun just to look around, and even more fun to buy stuff. Organic stuff just tastes better sometimes. ^_^ They didn't have any of the raspberry lemonade I'm addicted to after having one glass, but they did have some dried apple rings... the soft kind without sulphur. Half a pound for a buck an a half! I gotta go back--evil stuff.

Well, welcome all who have never been here... take a good look around and enjoy! ^_^

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