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:: Friday, August 13, 2004 ::

Mt. Dew and TMBG

That's all that's keeping me awake right now. I'm the only one in the entire office... such a gray day out, I almost called in myself. It's my last day, too, it woulda been nice to start vacation early. I'm glad I'm here, though, because otherwise the office woulda been unguarded for an hour. And we're shorthanded as it is. ~sigh~

Soooo, yeah. I can't wait for today to be over with. I didn't get much sleep last night and would love to crash early today... but the Olympics open up tonight! Woooo!

I'm totally not happy with the way the tv schedules are set up on the NBC Olympic website. I just want a straight up list for, say, NBC, that says, "August 15, 8-11 pm -- Beach Volleyball: USA vs. China, Swimming: 100m Backstroke Quarterfinals, Trampoline: Women's Final". Like, all neat and proper and text. I'm a visual person, yes, but when the grid is in measly four hour segments it annoys me.

That being said, the About the Sport sections rock. Some people did some really good research--I mean, I know a lot about volleyball and the section was still a ton of fun to read. And then there's the cool sports I didn't know much about, like trampoline and sailing.

And people, poker doesn't belong in the Olympics. A group is/was trying to get it included in the Athens games. The website shows pictures of rhythmic gymnastics and the luge saying, "If this qualifies, why not poker?". I'm sorry, but the Olympics should not contain a "sport" which requires next to no physical skill. And please don't call sitting for five hours or bluffing a physical skill. You can do that with a beer gut. You can't even curl with a beer gut. 'Nuff said.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 7:20 AM [+] ::
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so you decided to restart the blog, aye? its been a while :-). about the centepede... no worries, if you got one, you got one... you should see the ones we have down here... long as your hand from tip to heel of palm, black and yellow, and they smell like licorice when you step on them... so you know ahead of time that you have a big thing of centi/millipede goo on your boots... :-) plus i hate licorice....

ah well. i get to keep reading about your shtuff now! YAAAAAAAAY! keep blogging, as shall i :-)
Yeaaaa E-chan! I need to get a link to your blog up on mine, so I don't have to hunt it down all the time. :) I sense a project to do when I get home!

...and I'm thankful I didn't have that centipede on my bed--I hate licorice, too. :P
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