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:: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 ::

Mmmm, Olympics

I haven't really existed online this week, but for a good reason--sport! Come Olympic time I am a sport junkie. I've sat in front of the tv quite a bit watching all of the events. I've gotten a lot of crocheting done, too. ^_^ I've made a dishrag for our apartment, some potholders... I don't have any "real" yarn, just my cotton yarn, so kitchen items it is! ;)

I want to do some crocheting for charity now. (Notice how I say this now, when I have a whole week on my hands, not thinking that school and work will start again soon.) I found a mondo easy pattern for baby booties, and there's also a site on how to make bandages for leper colonies. I've wanted to learn how to make a bandage for a while, ever since I saw that during the World Wars women on the homefront would make them for their boys. There's a kind of romantic notion to it, you know?

The Red Cross has some vintage crochet patterns on their website, but only for knitting, no crochet. Booooo.

So tomorrow I go home to straighten up my stuff for school. Gotta buy notebooks and things, along with figure out what is actually coming back with me. We'll see.

I'm both looking forward to school and not looking forward to it. I like what I'm doing right now--chilling out at my apartment. I love Bhairavi to death, but dorm living is just a whole 'nother life, you know? Slightly worse, though I won't have to ride the unreliable bus as much. ^_^

Ariell came over tonight, which rocked. You know the friends you don't need any time to catch up with? She's one of those. ^_^ Nothing like good convo over sushi. Mmmm.

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I can't stand the Olympics. Why? Cause I want to watch someone swim/run/whatever and that's it. I don't want 15 minutes of why I should care if the person wins or not. It's not like every single athlete in the games doesn't have some miraculous story on how they got there. It's not like the contestants just one day woke up and were really really good at the sport and were like "I want to win a medal!" Each and every one of them worked themselves to death every day to get where they are and hearing some sappy ass story about how they got there has absolutely nothing to do with the games.

the Bob & Tom got some quotes from medal winners and was playing them and making fun of them. It was hilarious. One of the female swimmers had a deeper voice than the guy who won the individual gold in gymnastics.
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