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:: Monday, August 09, 2004 ::

Eww, Bug!

Okay, so I've had a major adventure of sorts. Last night I was sitting in front of my computer in the dark, reading one last forum thread before going to bed. When I glanced to my left, I saw a long shadow on the wall. The shadow moved. I turned on the light to find a centipede, much like this, scurrying along. It was almost as long as my index finger (about three inches?) with looong legs. I'm shivering just thinking about the thing.

Well, needless to say, I froke out. I jumped out of bed with a yelp. I grabbed a sneaker and whacked at the bug, but didn't make solid contact. It just landed on my bed and skittered. I called Glenn (oh, did I mention this was at 2:30 am?) in hysterics. "Glenn, there's a big bug here in my bed and I can't find it--could you come over here and save me from it?" By this point I had put my heels on--nooo way was that bug crawling over my toes. My loving boyfriend came to my rescue by searching to find the critter, dead, in a pile of sheets.

I couldn't bear to think about falling asleep in that room where more bugs could like, come after me ("Do centipedes live in colonies?", I asked myself) so Glenn let me go to his apartment to calm down and catch some z's. The dear even let me set the alarm for six am, when it would only give both of us a couple hours worth of sleep.

Well, I was next to the alarm... and his doesn't have snooze like mine. I woke up at 7:34 realizing that the bus I was hoping to catch was coming in two minutes and I was at my boyfriend's apartment in my pajamas. Freak out number two. Glenn is *so* sweet, though--he drove me to work to make sure I wasn't late. He really is the sweetest guy ever. ~hugs her amazing boyfriend~

So yeah, that was my night. ~shivers~ I've researched 'pedes on the net and now know that there isn't a colony, I probably won't see another, and the cold snap and rain probably pushed the guy into my house. He may have been able to bite, but they rarely do. Even armed with info, I'm going to have the heebie jeebies falling asleep tonight!

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