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:: Friday, August 06, 2004 ::

Comments, Eh?

Well, with Google buying Blogger and all (yea for corporate America) some things have changed. At first I thought it was only the look of the page, but it turns out I may be able to have people add comments to my posts now! Yeaaaaa! I hope it works.

Last night I was at Glenn's place and while watching tv we heard a very loud bang. Not a sharp sound, but very loud. It didn't sound anything like a gunshot, so we weren't too worried. I thought maybe a car scraped bottom against a curb or something. Three minutes later sirens started coming in our direction--police cars, fire trucks out the wazoo--and stopped right in front of the house. Turns out a manhole cover was blown off. Blown off! The bang we heard was it hitting the ground. We went outside to gawk, but a nice fireman told us to go inside, because the vault something-or-other was on fire in the street, and it was electrical and may give off nasty fumes. I don't know if he said that to just get us off the street, but it worked. Made for some exciting times.

My week of vacation is just about over. -_- I could really use, oh, three more months of it. :P Next week I'll have something like 60 hours, but then I'll be free for another week, until school starts. There's so much stuff I have to do, and all I want to do is sleep. Figures, huh?

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 12:43 PM [+] ::
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That was some dude playing doomIII in the sewer while he should have been working. He got scared and jumped and hit his head on the manhole cover.
So should it be called Googer now? or Bloogle? =P

Ahoy! 'Tis Boomqueesha! =D
Yea for people that post comments and help me find bugs in my template code! ~hug~

Boo trying to fix said code! -_^
Miracle that my head doesn't explode at trying to comprehend how much of a darling you are. :)
Guess who this is. :P
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