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:: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 ::

Well, You Know, It's Work

And this is a free moment, so I'm writing.

Things are going pretty well here. The new computer registration system is up and the freshmen are piling in to use it. There's been bugs, to be sure, but on the whole it's working out well. Tomorrow is the first Transfer Conference, a monster of its own. I hope it goes as well as the Freshmen Conferences have been.

And even when there are no students here I'm kept busy--Pre-Health folders, Pre-Law Fair, random filing, random work (today stuffing and labeling 250 envelopes), and so on. And, of course, you have to take time out for lunch, e-mails, blogging...

You can make it a verb, right?

Yesterday I started driving myself to work, as Ariell finished her summer class here. The traffic isn't fun, but driving is. I cut an odd image, I think--a college student behind the wheel of a minivan by itself is semi-comical, but add to it the fact that the windows are rolled down and blasting Broadway tunes... yeah, I must draw some glances. If not glares.

Let me defend my Broadway, though--it's for the sake of Art! Art with a capital 'A'! Actually, it's for the sake of my acting, lowercase a. But my acting is for the sake of a grade of 'A'. Wait, it's not even that. It's for broadening my theatre (with an 're') knowledge so I can be cast in a production, hopefully to recieve a standing 'O'.

Wah, is this what work does to me? ~sigh~

I haven't been up to much, but that which I'm up to keeps me busy. Seeing where my prior prattle went, I think I'll leave it at that...

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