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:: Saturday, April 19, 2003 ::

Random Everythings

I like and hate the fact that no one is here at school. I like it because peace and quiet abounds. I can sing to anime songs as loud as I want 24/7. It's not like anyone can hear or anything. But then again... there's no one here. I've spent entire days in my room with the IMer as my only line of human contact. Leave once to get food at the Campus Center, maybe, and that's it.

Walking around campus is near scary. It's a ghost town. The worst sort, too--the kind that forcefully pushes and *keeps* people out. At least in the summer there's the slight buzz of normal operations--the routine still goes on. But now, nothing routine is taking place at all. Dining halls are closed, and I've rarely seen more than 20 people grabbing eats at the Campus Center. It's all just... odd.

Just finished playing DDR... man, has it been a while. I have to get all of my timing back. I should really play more, but that requires something called time, which is in awful short supply for me.

Next week is Hair... hurrah! I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. I've never played in a pit before--I wonder what exactly it will be like. How much of the stage will I be able to see? How much room will there be for all of my instruments? And which marimba will I get? I hope it's a good one. ~crosses fingers~

And to be *part* of a production! As a theatre minor, anywhere I can get my face seen is good. Even if it is in the pit. Next year I'm going to try out for a departmental... how much fun it would be to get in... ~vows to work on her acting technique over the summer. She's not exactly sure how to go about doing that, but she will~

I don't know if many people have noticed, but about two weeks ago I added a hit counter and stat tracker to this page. No longer do I feel like my thoughts are meandering aimlessly through cyberspace--yes, people *do* read this! Not many people, but people just the same. I even had a hit from Brazil and another from Japan. Japan! Konnichi wa, Nihonjin-san!!! What is it, exactly, that brought you here? I wish I could find out.

~dares a glance at her bookshelf~ There is so much to read and so little time! Everyone is so kind to lend me books, and then I buy my own books, and then the library is full of books... like for so many other things, summer becomes the magic time of completion.

I can't believe I didn't mention this yet--I recently became a manga editor for HUSH Shoujo Project. What does all that jargon mean? Well, Levi at HUSH gives me scans of manga [comic book] chapters with the text in either Japanese or Chinese along with an English translation. It's my job to Photoshop the foreign text out and put in the English words. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It is, when you're working in clean white text bubbles. The wrinkles come when there are sound effects over the background drawing. Then I have to erase the Japanese text, redraw the picture, then stick the English words on top. Seamlessly. It's a lot of precision work, but somehow it's a lot of fun. Each tough frame is a challenge, and I get great pleasure out of beating it. ^_^ Click on the HUSH Shoujo link to the left to take a look at my work. Recently I've edited Kare First Love 5a and Atashi wa Bambi 6 along with doing the sound effects for Kare First Love 5b. ~has been a busy little beaver~ I get my next chapter tomorrow--yea!

Wah, I've rattled quite a long time about nothing, really. I should end before I think of other silly things to say. -_^ Oyasumi nasai!!!

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