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:: Friday, February 28, 2003 ::

Naturally, I Write

Don't really know *why* I wrote that title... it felt good and right, though.

Yes, the time stamp is accurate--it's past six am. The sun is coming up, but the city lamps are still burning yellow. It's been a while since I've seen a sunrise, and I've yet to see one from the perch of my room.

The setting for it--last day of classes before finals, websites that need finding, things that need cleaning, Mt. Dew that needs drinking, a fridge that needs cleaning, and Better Than Ezra's Desperately Wanting playing on my Launch player. Not to mention the morning star that's lingering in the East. Hang on, little buddy! I'm enjoying you.

My vacation won't really be one--I have too much work. A ten page final paper and a weekly paper for International, a ton of Japanese homework (including our first composition), not to mention all the stuff, reading, I wanted to catch up on. ~sigh~

Wow, the view is so pretty! Kirei!!! The morning star is still there, I can see the plaza appearing through the mist. Stratus clouds shroud the horizon.

Oh, darn, a 747 jumbo jet just flew across my wonderful view, ruining it. Ah, it's gone now. Good.

Across the way I can see one solitary light in State Tower--the one other soul that has been with me all night. He/she/it probably thinks I've left them, as I turned out my light a little while ago. I fully wanted to experience the coming dawn.

At moments like this I'm glad, for once, that I don't have a roommate--I'd be driving them crazy. And these are moments to be had alone.

~she looks out the window, at the dawn that is hers. To the plaza emerging from the mist, to the crows flying by, to the faint star, to every shade of blue in the sky, she says a quiet yet sincere~

Ohayou gozaimasu.

Good morning.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 3:19 AM [+] ::
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