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:: Saturday, November 16, 2002 ::

Towards the Center

My mind has taken an inward turn lately... but not the usual sort. The usual sort brings out the shy twin, completely introverted and not willing to talk to anyone. This inward turn, though, is just in my head. I'm still outgoing, willing to talk to people, act silly and have fun. But when I'm alone, I think. I think it's a good thing.

Woke up this morning (er, afternoon) in my usual groggy state, but a scraping sound snapped me to reality. "What is that? It sounds like... ice...". I pushed the blinds aside to find ~ta-da!~ snow!!! We went from October weather (the no jacket sort) to early December overnight. Albany weather is messed up... but I like it. We experience each month's weather, just not in the correct order. And who are we to be picky?

Hockey game last night--an awful 3-0 loss. We allowed 34 shots in the first two periods alone! The defense sagged and collapsed. Not too much fun to watch.

There were high points, though. I sold the winning 50/50 ticket! Barb won it, one of my regulars. I'm happy I sold the winner, for many reasons, not the least of which being that a couple of my customers threatened to go to other sellers if I didn't come through for them. Also, I like doing well for the newspaper guys. They're an awesomely cool bunch.

Odd experience--someone I know well referred to me as "a woman I know" while telling a story. Me, "a woman"?!? It doesn't register. I'm just, and only sort of, getting used to "ma'am", and with a grudge, at that. Don't be throwing the "lady" and "woman" stuff on me just yet.

Looking forward to Indian food tonight (the ethnicity, not the quad!)... my company will be fun, too... and the snow adds to the adventure. To trek out in the white stuff never gets boring. Or warm. But, hey, we'll dress for it.

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