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:: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 ::

Looking for Substance

I think Foundations may have set off something--a need for something tangible. It's going to be a round-about road getting to the justification for that point, but hang with me, here.

Today has been decently good so far. There have been rough spots, be sure--namely, my Upper Atmosphere test this morning. The ionosphere and the magnetosphere are not what I want to be thinking about on five hours sleep. The prof tends to have a massive curve, though, so I'm hoping for the best. (As always!)

Acting was great--I felt like I nailed my scene. For the exercise we sat in a chair slightly stage right (to get out of the "dead spot") and talked on a phone with three different people of our choosing. I "talked" with my mom, brother, and grandfather, adjusting my story and speech to fit each person. I'm really happy with the result--it felt real, and looking back, I made good choices and adjustments. However, I think I need to work on my timing, how much time I "gave" the person on the other end of the phone to speak.

What I'm the most proud of: I told everyone I was talking to my brother. But they were able to tell it was a younger brother by the tone of my voice alone. (Okay, okay, and one subtle hint, but that's not the point.) I'm proud I pulled that off.

Acting class makes me bi-polar about the craft. Some days are great--I lay down a great scene or exercise or whatever. After those days I leave class thinking, "Acting is amazing! I want to be doing this in some form for the rest of my life!!!". (Well, maybe not that extreme.) Other days outright stink. I mess up lines, don't feel like my character. Those days I think, "I'm not an actress after all... who was I kidding? What makes me think I can pull this off?". How I feel about the craft depends on the day. However, I rarely say anything bad about acting class. Even if I have a bad day I'll bring up something else, instead. "We did this cool exercise where we had to make a machine and we were the parts!"

Okay, point one, "The Setup", that will help me lead to a final conclusion: I love to convey things. Lately, this semester, most of the things I've been trying to convey are not physical. I don't have much to show and tell. Just tell. Stories from classes. What it felt like when I went to slam my alarm clock this morning and almost broke my only dish and bowl. But it's hard to do. It can get frustrating.

Moving on...

Foundations rocked yesterday. Professor Pipkin is simply amazing. Sure, it may have something to do with the fact that he's a professor in my field and all, but still, amazing. During class, I, Urban Planning Major, was sitting next to Jon, Urban Planning Minor. We were giddy the entire time. "Jane Jacobs! She rocks! Remember what she said in the book we had to read for 220?"; "'Housing is the third rail', quoteth Rocky..."; "But what if low-income housing were built, too? Wouldn't that help things?"... and so on. It was wonderful to connect with someone about something I truely care about.

Point two, "The Transition", that will help me lead me to a final conclusion: finally, I was able to convey something with perfect understanding. Sure, common experience had a big thing to do with it, but sitll, I could connect. It felt good. I wanted to convey more.

Moving on...

Last night I saw my mom and was able to get my hands on some yarn and a crochet hook. Project time! A quick blanket so my toes don't freeze this winter.

Point three, "Exhibit A", that will help me lead to a final conclusion: two hours' worth of crocheted goods, made while I should've been studying.

Bringing everything together:

Consider the facts. "The Setup"--I have a need to convey. "The Transition"--I was able to convey once intangibly, in Foundations, which creates a deeper need to convey. "Exhibit A"--being able to convey anything more intangilbly, I turned to crochet, something I can hold up and say, "Look at this! I made it!"--something tangible.

Therefore, Foundations set off a need for tangibility.

~~end proof~~

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