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:: Saturday, November 02, 2002 ::

It's Catch Up Time

First off, something random: I love Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron... it just came up on my media player. The middle bit (bridge, I guess) is amazing!

Okay, to catch you up on my life, in little segments:

--I was cast in the Directing Projects! A bit of a shock, though--I'm the Jewish mother in Brighton Beach Memoirs! I stood at the call board in shock. I hope David (another David! So many Davids and Daves! I dub this one Director David.) can help me pick up the accent... I think that's going to be the toughest part. Heaven knows I'll be loud enough! (A friend actually asked me if I could be loud enough... obviously, a newer friend. ~wink~) First rehearsal Monday, after band.

--Acting class has been odd this week... a workshop. Things seemed to be coming together to start, but yesterday we were missing people and things didn't seem to work. It got annoying. A cool, bit, though--the other group was missing people, as well, and needed people to cover so they could put up their scene. I ended up playing a 19 year old girl that just found out she's pregnant. She comes home to meet her parents, and ends up spilling the beans. It's very hard to convey in words what happened, exactly, but let it suffice to say that I was proud of my performance. Why can't turn out performances like that consistantly?

Mmm, hoka ni wa, is there anything else...

--Rats are doing well, leading the division, in fact! Quite a difference from league basement last year. Game last night wasn't too great--a 2-1 loss. Tonight, though, they pulled it together and beat Rochester 3-0. Rochester hasn't won a game yet this season. Scary thought.

Tomorrow (well, technically today) it looks like I'll be doing work all day... at least, the parts of the day I don't devote to sleeping. (Gorgeous and gracious slumber...) The only real thing I have to do is Japanese, but it's a lot. Vocab test Monday, written homework, and working on kanji. It'll all be fun, though--I love that class!

I realize that when I'm tired and just writing I rely on my tried and true sentence forms--broken in half, be it with a dash or ellipsis. Also, I tend to start sentences with transitional words and phrases. I guess it's my middle school English training coming out. (Really, thank you, Mr. Desharnais!!!) At least it's something solid to fall back on, even if the form gets tiresome.

Even though it may hurt more, better to fall back on concrete than fog... unless, that is, you fall into the fog...

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