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:: Saturday, October 26, 2002 ::

To Define

I've been looking through some blogs online... different people use them for different things. Some use them to vent, others to relate funny stories, some to post online quiz results, others to plug their newly patented foot cream. Some people only write in their blogs when they're happy, others only when they're sad, others only when they can't figure out their lives. Some people realize their blogs are completely public, others don't seem to know the fact. Some people use it as a diary, more for themselves than anything. Others address entire sections, explictly or not, to specific people.

So what is my blog to me? It serves several purposes:

1. I must write to stay sane. This is a truth. If I don't write I get confused in the head (that is, more than usual) and I'm unable to deal with people and life. In high school I was lucky to have enough time to write 2.5 pages a day. That was near ideal. Here in college, though, I don't have as much time--most of my writing consists of half pages scribbled during class, half in Japanese so classmates can't read the juicy bits over my shoulder. So, this blog provides another outlet. An outlet for my sanity, I guess. (I think my acting prof said it best--"for some people writing is an essential thing".)

2. It lets you guys, you lucky enough to know my IM through whatever means, peek into my life. It's a good sort of peek, too--I only tell you what I don't mind you knowing. You never have to feel like you're prying. Granted, it makes this writing more guarded than most other writing I do, but it's necessary. And think about it--do you really want to know exactly what I felt like this morning when I woke up at 9:30 am after five hours of sleep with the worst cramps I've had in months? Didn't think so.

3. It serves as a record of my life. I try to keep a little daily journal of what happened... but it falls by the wayside too easily. This blog helps fill in the gaps.

4. Every once in a while I think of something that is cool. Interesting. That I want to share. A blog is a wonderful outlet for a funny stories, lines of poetry, life insights.

5. A blog, I admit, is a bit of an ego trip. This entire page is me. Me. All me, nothing but me. Isn't it neat to have your own little corner of the world, no matter how small it is?

Ah, that's all I can think of for now. Why did I tell you this? ~points at numbers one through five above~

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 11:48 PM [+] ::
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