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:: Sunday, October 27, 2002 ::

Come Back... I'm Calling You Back...

Callbacks today--they went pretty well. Some parts and plays are better for me than others... it always lands that way. I was called back for five different plays, three of which I love, four of which I've never read, two and a half of which I felt comfortable with the part I was reading for. (Don't worry, it's not suppossed to add up.)

The best out of them all--Life in the Trees. It's a comedic play in three acts, each act telling a different story with different characters. I read as Paula, meeting Terry for the first time in two years. They were both in the same therapy group, for a phobia of crowds and public places. Terry has recovered very well in the past two years, and while Paula is better, she has a ways to go. Read the sides and also a monologue. I like Paula--she's a complex character that I can believe and relate to.

The other two plays I think I have a shot for are The Glass Managerie and Death of a Salesman. The Death of a Salesman sides stank, though--being "Girl" I read three lines and then left. I was Laura in The Glass Managerie, though--perfect. There's no way I could pull Amanda off well.

The plays I'm quite sure I won't get cast in--Oleanna (really cool play, but the character doesn't work for me), and Brighton Beach Memoirs (out of the three girls he could've cast me as, he made me the Jewish mother. I was loud enough, but was missing the something he was looking for, I think).

All in all it was a really good experience. I've never done cold readings before (and one of them could be considered ice cold), so doing so many of them in a day was good.

And something else cool--at one point I read with Mr. Kipps from Woman in Black! He looked so different in street clothes that I didn't realize it was him until he started talking. I also saw Actor around, but didn't get a chance to read with him.

That was pretty much my day--waking up, wanting more sleep, getting more sleep, staring bleary eyed at my computer, showering, researching the plays, going to callbacks, then this. Writing in my blog. Keeping myself sane.

And aren't you oh-so-happy for that?

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