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:: Friday, June 29, 2007 ::

First-y BMPs

I finished these a while ago, but never posted an FO shot.


First-y BMPs
Pattern: BMP from Knitty
Knit Picks Palette in Sky, Pool, and Blue
Size 2 dpns

Why "first-y"? These socks were the first time I attempted: fair-isle, long floats, short row heel, corregated rib, and multi-yarn socks. Why stripes? I didn't have any black nor white yarn, so I just dove into my stash. Considering all that, I'm thrilled with the result.


I even learned about yarn dominace in the course of making this, hehe. Now I just need to find a way to wear them that won't hide them under my jeans! (SF evenings are a little too cool for skirts.)

Oh, and two people already named these socks a favorite on Ravelry... I can't quite believe it! *^_^*

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 8:54 PM [+] ::
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:: Thursday, June 21, 2007 ::

A Day for Celebration

Today is the first day of summer--the longest day of the year. I always seem to miss it, or be working on it, so this year I decided to celebrate. Karla's-day-off style. ^_^


Tiffany Coasters
(set of two)
Knitpicks Essentials in Dusk
Size C hook

All right, you got me, I made this yesterday... but it still counts! After working on socks (not to mention an afghan) that go on forever I had the urge to start and finish a project in one sitting, using up some extra sock yarn at the same time. A double magic ring and seven rounds later, voila!, coaster. It's sister soon followed. Sure beats the tea stained things I have now--I mean, one was out of baby sport yarn. Eck.

Also a baking adventure...


Scottish Shortbread from the latest edition of The Joy of Cooking. Our mixer is pretty weak, so I ended up mixing it all by hand. I never knew what shortbread was: butter with enough flour and sugar mixed in so it all falls apart. Add a few drops of water, smush it in the pan...







Nice and crumb-y and perfect with my tea.

Going out for sushi at twilight, a perfect end to the longest day.

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 4:17 PM [+] ::
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I love the design you made in the shortbread - it just tops it off!
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:: Monday, June 18, 2007 ::

Yea Safeway!

I love this about San Francisco--I can split my grocery shopping between Nijiya Market in Japantown and Safeway, a "normal" supermarket. I got my Japanese groceries last week, but my Safeway stuff, my staples, were sorely lacking. As a result it's been a lot of rice, rice with nori, rice with furikake, and fried rice for dinner the last few days. (Good thing I love rice! ^_^)

Today the Safeway delivery guy came and oh, the possibilities! Here's what I plan to make over the next few days:

- Japanese curry
- shortbread cookies
- pasta
- macaroni salad (from mom's awesome recipe, now that the requisite spices have been procured)
- bunches of salad

Yea for veggies and pasta sauce and powdered sugar!

In other news, I've finished my first Cascade sock, and cast on for the second. Once I actually start knitting the ribbing I'm hoping this one will fly off the needles, too. I've also been working on my pile of New Yorkers and library books--nothing spectacular to speak of, though.

I'm totally looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday, my "weekend" this week. One day will be spent in motion, and hopefully the second will be nice, quiet, and boring. -_^ Wish me luck!

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 6:42 PM [+] ::
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It's nice to hear from you, the sock looks great. Nice color, hope you'll have a pair soon!!!! Love Love Love
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:: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 ::

Keeping on Going On

Life has finally settled into a nice routine of work, play, and sleep. I appreciate the fact that I now have a nice little cube to put my socks, a nice little lamp beside my bed, and a nice big blanket to sleep under. (Thank you, IKEA, on all three counts.)

Work is going well. Tourist season is picking up and the weather has gotten nicer, which means tons of time in front of the blender making frappuccinos. Not exactly everyone's favorite pasttime. A little better than ringing, though.

But ringing did get a bunch more fun today--new registers! They have nice big screens and don't lag like our old ones (from two ice ages ago) did. Our recently remodeled store actually looks... super new now. ^_^ No pictures, I'm afraid, but trust me, they rock.

Here's a picture I can provide:

(full size at flickr)

My current knitting project. I love making socks--these are things I'm actually able to use in my everyday life. I think I got this bug from my ceramics sensei: the most beautiful works of art are those you can use everyday. Teacups. Rice bowls. Dishcloths.

The pattern is Charade, and it's a dead easy two row pattern repeat. Thinking about passing slipped stitches over every row helps me keep my knitting loose and even.

My "weekend" (two days off in a row--only happens twice a month or so) starts tomorrow at noon. And how do I plan to celebrate? Grocery shopping, of course! Let the bargains begin! -_^

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:: Kazen @ Always Doing 8:20 PM [+] ::
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