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:: Thursday, May 17, 2007 ::

Mostly Settled In

It's been a busy last couple of weeks! Thankfully I'm pretty much settled into my new apartment. Some tasks remain--decorating properly, sewing up my door (boy, does that sound weird), and putting the last things away, but for the most part I'm done!

Otherwise it's been a lot of work work work. I'm in a stretch of eight days straight, seven of which started at 8 am or earlier. Then it'll be four of five days off, and, you guessed it, nine more straight days of work. The computer doesn't take the previous week's schedule into account, so things turn out wonky sometimes.

I've been living more of an offline life at this apartment, and I like it. I have an awesome flatmate to talk to, fun friends to hang out with, great books to read (yea for SF's public library!), and a new DS game to play with (yea for Japanese import sites!). ^_^ As a result Flickr, the New York Times online, and a couple of Starbucks related sites have been largely ignored. But this new offline life is going so well I think little will change. I'll be sure to update my blog, though, don't worry about that! ^_^

Tomorrow is my last day of eight in a row, and it's an open, so wish me luck!


:: Kazen @ Always Doing 2:45 PM [+] ::
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:: Saturday, May 05, 2007 ::

Final Preparations

The final move will be Tuesday, when my desk and computer will be lugged to the new apartment. My bed is together, and you know what? It's starting to feel like home. I like the idea of having complete control over my little space--it's my bed, my couch, and my walls, so I'll decorate them as I like, thank you. ^_^ Some Japanese prints are already slated for the walls, and my punny Japanese calendar has already made it up. The quote for today? 「こどもたちは十字に寝ます。」The pun is quite bad, so I won't even bother explaining it.

Today was errand day--took another suitcase of clothes over, then walked to the fabric wholesale discount warehouse place. I gravitated to the sales rack, because who doesn't like cheap fabric? Much debate and $13 later I came out with the makings for a juryrigged door, to fill in for the non-existant one to my room. It's going to be a bit of handsewing, but I think it'll turn out alright. Procedural photographs forthcoming.

Also made a run to the market. While it didn't cost me too much, it sure was heavy! Canned goods and laundry detergent were the main culprits. The concentrated detergent was on sale so I'm going to give it a try. Much smaller bottle--good for apartment-ers like me. In fact, a lot of things were on sale: applesauce, tuna, yogurt, toothpaste. Looking down my receipt, I only bought five things at full price, one being a toothbrush. And come on, you can't deny me that. -_^

It was the first time I had a bad bagger at Safeway, though. She split up the cold goods I was careful to group together, put every heavy can and jar in a single bag, and packed the dryer sheets right next to my bagels. Grrr.

Okay, time for bed--I'm waking up in six hours to open the store. Here's hoping we only have happy understanding customers!


:: Kazen @ Always Doing 8:28 PM [+] ::
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