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:: Monday, January 29, 2007 ::

Foamy Grate

Must've been laundry day.

(full size at flickr)


:: Kazen 9:11 PM [+] ::
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:: Thursday, January 18, 2007 ::

Boooo My Bank

When I go to my bank's website it shows my checking account number as being 12 digits. So I enter those 12 digits and the routing number from my checks into another bank's website in order to pay off my (new! shiny!) Starbucks credit card. I get a letter from the credit card people: we have returned your payment, your bank says the account number is invalid. We didn't charge you for a returned payment... this time. Please pay us asap.

So I call the credit card people--I have indeed entered all the numbers correctly, no typos. So what, praytell, is the problem?

A long, phone-treed call to my bank clarifies all: my checking account number is 10 digits, not 12. Those two extra zeros on the website? Just for show. (?!?!?)

Why can't they say that on the website, or take the two zeros off? I was worried this might negatively affect my fledgling credit report. (Apparently it won't.) It just makes me... grrrrrrrr. Not cool.


:: Kazen 6:55 PM [+] ::
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:: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 ::

Where I've Been

The countries I have visited:

Looks pretty good, doesn't it? Look at that big chunk of red! When you get deeper into things, though, the reality becomes more apparent:

Here's why--my family never flew anywhere for vacation. We only went as far as our car could take us. After that I went to Japan. Then back to New York. Then to California. Ta-da--my messed up map.

If you're interested you can make your own maps by going here and here.


:: Kazen 6:36 PM [+] ::
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:: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 ::

Happy New Year, Photo Style

Hi everyone!

I'm kinda behind on everything, so I thought I would make it up to you with some pictures. ^_^ In no particular order:

Coit Tower. Mark and I were on the Embarcadaro one day and decided to climb it on a whim. Note to future self--hundreds of stairs are something to avoid on a whim. It was really pretty up there, though, and it did make for an "invigorating" walk. -_^

Perhaps our favorite movie theatre is Landmark's Embarcadaro--it's indy, it's quirky, you can top your popcorn with garlic and cheese, and they even have lattes. Yum. Once I saw this sign in the bathroom my love was cemented.

Ferry Building at dusk.

When I went home for Christmas I wanted to see snow, because heaven knows I won't see any in San Francisco. This was all I got, though. -_-

That's it for now... happy new year, everyone!

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:: Kazen 8:07 PM [+] ::
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