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:: Friday, January 31, 2003 ::

Looking Ahead and Sideways

This weekend looks to be fun. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow (this?) morning and being super lazy. But in being lazy I'm still doing a ton of things--rearranging my room, reading my brains out, studying for Japanese, writing a three page paper, so on and so forth.

If the world would forget me for a week it'd be nice. I just want to veg.

Acting class was great today--we were doing Mizner (not sure how you spell it) Technique and I nailed it for the first time. Marna, my prof, was even like, "good job". A good acting day.

Rats played--first period stunk, but we came back to tie in a nice fashion. We got a new player--Steve Kariya, otouto, younger brother, of NHL All-Star Paul Kariya. Man, is he short! No more than 5'5", I'd say. The first time you see him your jaw drops involuntarily. He's really good, though. Speedy. The puck has a hard time catching up to *him*!

Well, I'm going to enjoy tomorrow (today?) as much as I can... and delay the work until Sunday. Finally, I get to do my own reading! ~dives into a pile of books~

~her head hits the bottom~


:: Kazen @ Always Doing 10:12 PM [+] ::
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:: Sunday, January 26, 2003 ::

I'm Slowly Going Crazy...

Isn't that a song? I think I sang it on the playground a couple of times...

From my experience, the first couple weeks of a semester are the easiest. You aren't really learning anything yet, so there's no homework. This semester isn't going that way, though. Some of my classes have started right off the bat--I already have a chunk of homework for both Japanese and International Urban Planning. The confusing roommate situation didn't help much, either. Add Genericon and a lack of writing on top of it all and you have one stressed Karla.

I have a feeling that thing will get better over the next week... but it's going to be a gradual thing.

Super Bowl today! Not too many friends of mine are sports fans, and even fewer have tvs, but fortunately the two facts don't have to line up. I may be watching in limited company... but at least there's a tv! I'd go up to the penthouse, but I don't feel like dealing with a room full of strangers asking, "So, who you rooting for?" thirty thousand times or, worse yet, ignoring my existance.

Ouch, that was harsh. Stress drives out optimism... more of a rant instead of a blog entry today, I guess. Well, I should finish it off in a fitting manner...

Yargh! ~wink~

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 1:05 PM [+] ::
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:: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 ::

Long Time No Words

Well, I'm back. My mind and basic logic tell me I've been on break for the last month, but it doesn't feel like it. I realized this as I tried to take a nap today--too many thoughts were racing through my head. They weren't the anxious thoughts about the first day of classes, either. More like the worries and thoughts that build up after a month or so of school. A lengthy to-do list. I never got to fully relax over January; I never got a chance to erase this list from my mind.

As awful as that sounds, I can't wait for tomorrow. Classes! The fun ones, too. Actually, wait, I think all of my classes will be on the fun side! Gotta love getting into your major. Tomorrow I have International Urban Planning (for two hours!), Japanese II (hurrah!), Acting II, and Band. Thursday doesn't have as many classes, but Intro Soc is at 8:15 am... yargh.

I'll be posting more as more happens... and as more becomes final.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 11:11 AM [+] ::
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