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:: Saturday, December 14, 2002 ::

Direct Away!

The Directing Projects were Wednesday night--things went well! I was suprised--I was more excited than nervous. I guess being in band since fourth grade has finally paid off!

The scene itself went without a hitch. Everyone was great--Eugene was amazingly funny, Blanche was perfectly wimpy, Nora was totemo genki, very energetic, and Laurie was just the right amount of snotty. It was wonderful to hear reaction to our lines, to hear people laugh. We had been rehearsing to four bare walls for almost a month... I think we sorta forgot that what we were saying was funny. The audience helped us remember.

So, now it's finals time. Fun fun fun. I don't have it too bad--Japanese final, Upper Atmosphere final, final scene for Acting. Maybe this will give me some time to sleep, actually...

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 7:02 AM [+] ::
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:: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 ::

Quick Realization

I'm not truly an actor. I'm not exactly a natural (though it comes more naturally than, say, playing sports), and I'm not the stereotypical theatre major by any means (though that may be a good thing). Sometimes, while I'm acting, I feel like I'm, well... acting like I'm an actor. I love it, don't get me wrong--but acting isn't at the core of my being. The deepest core that is my most true self.

I'm not going to stop, though. It's too much fun. However, I still realize that though acting is part of who I am now, I may find something even better, and more true, down the road. To be better than acting it's gonna be amazing.

I look forward to that day.

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 8:59 PM [+] ::
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:: Sunday, December 08, 2002 ::

Back After Falling Off the Earth

At least, that is what it must have seemed like for you. Gomen! Too many things lined up just right (or, just wrong)--vacation, getting sick (twice!), and finals. Yargh. But I'm back now! Yahaa!

Lessee, what's been going on lately...

Concert tonight--the annual Christmas concert. Nearly every musical group on campus plays a song. This year we played Russian Christmas Carol... it turned out pretty well. The english horn was good, and we landed parts we were hoping to land.

This weekend wasn't so bad--somehow I didn't get any homework. I enjoyed it, hanging out with friends and catching up on sleep.

Spent last night in Saratoga Springs at Justin's house--we had a whole bunch of people for a pasta and movie night. Elizabeth made amazing garlic bread (better than my mom's, which is saying something), and I got to see a Mel Brooks movie I had never heard of (The Twelve Chairs...it was okay). We also watched Nightmare Before Christmas (I forgot how good it is!), and The Black Cauldron (maa maa desu... it was okay).

Hmm, what else, what else... well, finals are coming up. Fun, fun, fun. I don't have too many--an open book Upper Atmosphere final, a Japanese final, and a final scene in acting.

Oh, and the Directing Projects are coming up! I'll put more information up when I know it--I only know that they're this Wednesday. Not sure on the time yet, or where in the program our scene is.

It's easier to keep up instead of backtrack, so hopefully things'll work well until I'm out of here on the 21st. Until then, ja ne, later!

:: Kazen @ Always Doing 7:54 PM [+] ::
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